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Reborn doll from the kit Saskia set.

The Reborn Saskia doll is made from the original set and has a certificate of authenticity.

The doll’s height is 22 inches. She has full arms and legs. The doll has a soft body (beige fabric).

Saskia is weighted with ultra-thin recycled glass. The doll’s painting is made with genesis paint, each layer of paint is baked. Veins and capillaries are drawn. The last layer is covered with the Genesis environment. The skin is pleasant and velvety to the touch.

The doll has Lauscha eyes, hair is made of high-quality mohair, pleasant to the touch.

Saskia wears the clothes of a 0-3-month-old baby

There is a nipple with a magnet

Saskia is not a play doll, and you need to handle her carefully (do not put her in water, do not rub her skin).

The doll will be shipped by DHL Express within 2 business days after payment

Please note that taxes, customs duties, etc. are not included in the price of the doll. Read the rules and tariffs of your country

出荷国: イギリス (UK), ドイツ, スロベニア, フランス, カナダ, オーストラリア

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