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Crochet pattern for zombie toddlers in English in pdf format consists of:
20 pages of detailed crochet description, photo and list of materials. Also in the description given clothes crocheted and knitting
The pattern is written in English (US terms).


The pattern includes a set of clothes.


– hat

– panties

– top

– dress (overalls)

– baseball cap

– jumpsuit

– DRESS with wavy skirt


– wings



– Knitted JUMPSUIT

– Knitted HAT

– Knitted CARDIGAN


For crochet a zombie toddlers you will need:


* Sport weight/4ply yarn (160-170m/50g) for body and jumpsuit YarnArt Jeans, Alize Cotton Gold, Turkish or Italian velour, etc.

The height of the toy with the indicated materials is about 10-11 cm.

* Crochet hook size 1.75 mm

* Knitting needles size 2 mm

* Polyester toy filling

* Floristic wire (with a diameter of 0.7-1 mm), chenille wire, etc.

* Pliers

* Adhesive plaster

* Lace weight/1ply yarn (280-300m/50g) of white color for eyes, black color for embroidery. Pehorka Openwork, Vita Coco, Vita Pelican, split yarn YarnArt Jeans, etc.

* Crochet hook size 1.25 mm

* Beads or half-beads size 2-3 mm for pupils

* Buttons size 10 mm for clothes

* Rivet button size 12 mm

The size of buttons is indicated for this yarn weight. If your yarn is thinner or thicker, you should select the size of buttons already on the crocheted parts.

* Scissors

* Needle for sewing pieces

* For tinting: acrylic, pastel, felt-tip pens, etc..

* Iron for blocking




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