Teddy fox pattern with clothes- jacket and trousers, 24 cm

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MY BEAR STORY – teddy bear patterns by designer Ludmila Plotnitskaya.

Teddy fox pattern with clothes- jacket and trousers, 24 cm


A sewing pattern for making a teddy fox stuffed animal doll – designed by Ludmila Plotnitskaya. An easy digital instant download that you can print at home.

I am happy to present my new teddy fox pattern. You can sew teddy height 24 cm. For a fox there is also the clothes pattern- jacket and trousers.

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF Pattern. This PDF Pattern includes ONLY clear pattern drawing, details layout on material and material list and small instruction for stitching pieces (but this is not a step-by-step tutorial). You must have some experience in making teddy bear.

This pattern is for personal use only. Publishing, distributing and sharing to social networks is prohibited .

You can sell toys made from my patterns.

List of materials you need to create the teddy (you will also get this list in your pattern):

viscose fabric fox color (piece size 1/8 – 50 cm. x 35 cm.) and small white piece

black glass eyes 3-4 mm

fibre discs 22 mm. – 4 pcs, 25 mm. – 6 pcs

T-shaped cotter pins 25-28mm. – 5 pcs

washers 10 mm – 10 pcs

stuffing material

I wish you very pleasant time creating a fox!

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12.50 ~ 13.32 $