Sewing Kit White Hedgehog 9cm with Tutorial & Pattern


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Teddy DIY sewing kit to make a mini hedgehog of 9cm with white spikes.
The sewing kit comes in a craft box.


This is a sewing kit to make a mini hedgehog of 9cm with white spikes. The sewing kit comes in a craft box.

Sewing machine is not required to create the animal.

The sewing kit contains:
1. Materials: spiky mohair, viscose, a pair of glass eyes and a nose, steel shot and toy stuffing, waxed thread, black and beige sewing thread, textile pen. (You will also need some glue and pastels – however they are optional).
2. Artist pattern of a hedgehog.
3. Step-by-step tutorial of 17 pages illustrated by me and printed in colour.

Please mind that the kit does NOT include any accessories for the hedgehog. You can purchase them separately if you like – contact me to agree about the details.

In the tutorial you will find:
– my artist pattern
– full materials and tools lists
– detailed step-by-step instructions from cutting to final colouring in English
– my original watercolour illustrations
– pictures of hedgehogs that I have made with the pattern

In this tutorial I share my experience in teddy bear making with you. Hope you will enjoy the process and the result!

The hedgehog pattern has been designed by me Katya Cherepkova (KittyApril) Russian bear artist.

IMPORTANT! The pattern and instructions are for private use only. Commercial use of the pattern, tutorial and illustrations is prohibited, you cannot sell creations made with it, resell or share it.

Please note that the completed creation is not a toy and is unsuitable for babies.
Thank you for your visit!

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