Resin bjd doll Nelly, fulset, 20 cm tall

500.00 ~ 531.35 $

所售: Miroxdolls


New face mold

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Little Nelly is available. Item include this bjd doll (like on photo) with faceup, removable acrylic eyes, removable wig (natural mohair), clothes and shoes (like on photo). The doll is assembled with elastic cord.

Skintone – fair

Body – see nude photos (as an example, it is another mold of head and face!)

Box, cushion (random color) and certificate of authenticity are included.

The doll is made from high quality resin, casted in Korchagin Studio (Saint-Petersburg)

Free shipping via Russian post, 20-45 days

Nelly details:

size eyes 0.3’’ (8 mm)

height 7.8’’ (20 sm)

head circumference 6’’ (15 sm)

chest circumference 4.7’’

waist circumference 5.1’’

hip circumference 5.5’’

shoulder width 2.4’’

arm length without hand 2.4’’

leg length to ankle 3’’

nape of neck to back waist 2’’

hand 1’’

length of foot 1.2’’

width of foot 0.6’’


LittleFee clothes and shoes, Blythe knitted clothes and Pulip clothes are suitable for Nelly

航运大陆: 非洲, 北美洲, 亚洲, 南极洲, 大洋洲, 欧洲, 南美洲

随时可以发货 3-5工作日 从 俄罗斯



Dolls are not possible for refunding.


重量 0.5 公斤
尺寸 20 厘米

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