reborn ethnic doll Alisha by Sabrina Hergarten

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With great pleasure I present to You my version

Sculpture: Alisha by Sabrina Hergarten
Limited edition 426/999

Born: 19.07.2021
Weight: 3200 gr

Height: 58 cm, 21 inches

hands 4/4 i legs 4/4

All pictures have been taken in natural daylight over a few days
I have not used a flash with my photos.
Great care and attention to detail have been used in the making of baby
 I have used genesis paints to achieve the look of translucency and created the skintone of a baby approximately 0 to 2 months old
I hope you like Her.
 he is approx 21″
  soft body.


  has rooted upper  eyelashes
, as well as delicately painted 3d eyebrows.
 her limbs are filled with tiny glass beads topped off with fibre and sealed, her body is a soft brushed cotton beige  colour
 he has not been overfilled so she can be posed easier.
polly pelets and heavy virgin fibre fill have been used for that luxurious cuddly baby feel.
His head has been filled with fibre and a poly bag filled for weight, this is also sealed.
he has an amazing flop factor, she is so sweet and cuddly.
Baby   has been a pleasure to create, she has such realistic features, I have tried to bring these out in my paintwork.
and only use quality materials on my Babies.
NO Sand is ever used in the making of  my babies.
Baby  has been painted using genesis heat set paints, and sealed with matte varnish which will not fade or chip over time,
 I have given His a soft but newborn colour, she has tiny blemishes, veining, and shading.
His lips have a natural colour with a tiny bit of shine and sealed.
I have Given Her a head of lovely Slumberland mohair in baby   has been used for her hairline.
I have directionally rooted her hair with a swirling crown.
It has been sealed on the inside so can be gently brushed and has been sealed on the inside with waterproof glue.
Baby  has a  Magnet .
All the clothes that you see on the photo will come with the baby.
please feel free to bid if Baby  has captured your heart, all I ask is to be considerate when bidding
 if you have no intentions of paying… this is unfair for the serious bidders/ collectors.
Please understand that Baby  is NOT a play doll.. so is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years
Due to small parts,  She is a collectors doll and should be handled with great care.
Regardless of the matte varnish top sealer used on doll kits the
please enjoy the pictures of  Her, most of them are extreme close ups so you can see all of her little details closely,
the baby you see is the baby you will receive.

随时可以发货 1-2工作日





重量 3.5 公斤
尺寸 55 × 30 × 30 厘米

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  • Название магазина: 重生娃娃斯维特拉娜
  • Продавец 重生娃娃斯维特拉娜
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