Rag doll pattern. Pattern of primitive doll 7″

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Pattern of primitive Rag doll 7″ . DIY your own doll.

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Pattern of primitive Rag doll 7″

Pattern of primitive will be a wonderful gift for mother’s day or another holiday for everyone. Not only creative people will be happy to create something of their own. After all, pleasure in the process is incomparable. Give your loved ones and yourself emotions!


PDF, File, A4 paper


Do you dream to create your own unique doll?

This pattern will help you sew a cute, small primitive doll. Such a doll is very easy to make! Only general sewing knowledge is required.


This file is instantly downloaded in PDF format.




But I will be happy to answer any question and help in creating doll.


Using this template, you will have a 17,5 cm (7 inches)  doll.

A doll can only sit with a support and lie beautifully. Hands are mobile, the head turns. Legs beautifully hang out).  Doll turns out very lovely and it is pleasant to hold it in hand.


You will need to add seam allowances.

This is a sample of the basis of the doll. The body of the doll.

Can be printed on A4 paper.


Enjoy your creativity and be a child in the soul!

I wish you to make many beautiful dolls and believe in magic!


Regards, Olga

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