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A detailed master class in PDF format – how to sew a textile bearded man for Christmas + body and clothing patterns, a stencil for drawing a face.
KNITTING IS NOT INCLUDED. Hat and scarf in the photo for the beauty of the image.


The master class consists of several mini blocks:

– body (pattern of male and female body and detailed instructions),

– face painting with a detailed description of the materials;

– beard embroidery with yarn;

– clothes (we sew a simple T-shirt, pants, felt coat and uggs).


The minimum materials that will be needed to create such a doll:

– natural cotton fabric for the body,

– filler for dolls,

– acrylic paints,

– dry pastel,

– white yarn;

– jersey for T-shirts and fabric for pants;

– felt for coats and ugg boots;

– sewing tools,

– the presence of a sewing machine is NOT NECESSARY, you can sew everything with a manual seam called Backstitch.


Difficulty: medium.

Instant download.


Also pay attention to our ready-made kits: you do not need to look for materials to create a doll.  We have done the hard part of the work for you.

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