Pattern honey bee amigurumi crochet DIY tutorial in English


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– 17 pages
– 46 high quality pictures
– 2 step by step description
Create your own sweet little toy. This simple pattern includes PDF file with detailed instructions and pictures on how to crochet and assemble all the parts to make this toy.


List of recommended materials and tools:

Cotton thread “Iris by Kirov” (25gr/150 m) – yellow and black colors.

To make the bee more realistic I highly recommend using fluffy thread similar gauge instead of cotton thread (you may choose mohair yarn or split any fluffy yarn into thinner threads). You will need 10 gr each color.

Size 0.9 mm crochet hook;

A glass eye d. 8 mm;

Toy stuffing;

Some white yarn (thin cotton thread) or a pyramid tea bag and acrylic thread to make the wings.

Florist wire d. 0.3 mm, make a cut 10 cm length.

Brooch pin size 1.5 cm with one hole.

Seed beads

Clear glue

Sewing needle, scissors, pins;


It may help to choose your favorite materials instead but to keep brooch size I recommend using crochet hook size not bigger than 2 mm


Final size of the bee with the recommended materials and tools will be about 3.5 cm.

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