Mouse toy pattern and tutorial, stuffed toy pattern


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Mouse toy pattern and tutorial, stuffed toy pattern,  Textile toy pattern, Small toy pattern

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Stuffed toy patterns – mouse toy pattern and tutorial

 This is two *pdf instant download files


Using this template, you will have a doll of 6 inch (15 cm) size.

The size depends on the material you use. In this example, I used a short-pile plush

 This is pattern of textile mouse.

 The tutorial is TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH.  It contains of a step-by-step description and photos of the process (how to make a toy)

It’s easy to follow

Also you will have toy pattern + inside is a list of necessary materials


 The pattern is on A4 sheet of paper.

Buyers can download these files as soon as they complete their purchase.

 I wish you pleasent of creativity!

 If you want to make smth else, please, look in the store

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