Miniature joint teddy cat with antlers 3.94″(10cm)

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This cute doll is in the style of Teddy and is made using mixed media. The miniature cat  doll is the perfect gift for any occasion! All of my toys are unique, made in a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) format for adult collectors.

The toy are thoroughly packed for shipping and ready to meet you..

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-100% handmade

– Height 3.94″( 10 cm)

– Made from viscose fur

– Upper limbs are moveable and reinforced, legs and head attached by cotter pins.

– Eyes: glass and polymer clay

– Stuffing sawdust

-The set includes:
The cat, clothing, headdress, little bag, holder(for standing photos)

– Only dry brush.

– Keep away from humidity and direct sunlight. 

  – Not from children under 12y.o.

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76.00 80.00  (-5%)~ 80.71 $