Mini amigurumi dogs CROCHET PATTERN set, amigurumi Frenchie, Pug


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With this Mini amigurumi dogs CROCHET PATTERN SET you will be able to make a miniature frenchie dog or puggie amigurumi toy which can be either a crochet Blythe pet or a pet lover gift.
This crochet pattern is in English (US terms) and contains detailed instructions and auxiliary photos of the stuffed mini dog toy creation. The list of videos is enclosed in a separate file.
o yarn: black for frenchie (you can choose any other colors combination at your discretion), dark brown, and beige for puggie (I used Yarnart Jeans, 50 g/250 m) or any substitute with similar characteristics;
o yarn (I also used Yarnart Jeans) or felting wool of white color for frenchie chest;
o crochet hook 2 mm and smaller size hooks for finishing pieces and weaving ends;
o 填充材料(聚酯)。
o 5-7 mm half beads for eyes;
o 10×7 mm nose – I made of polymer clay (you can use a ready-made one);
o glue to attach eyes and nose (I used transparent «Moment Crystal»);
o buttons – 2 pcs;
o strong thread of matching color for thread jointing of pieces (I used Yarnart Jeans);
o textile marker/chalk pastel for toning (optional);
Finished size: If you crochet your toy with tools & materials recommended in this pattern your finished item will be about 4″ (10 cm).
To get this pattern in Russian please contact me PRIOR TO PURCHASING and I will create a separate listing for you.
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Copyright © Maria Drozd, @by_drozds_pattern
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