Instructions for which you can independently DIY clothes for the dolls, as in the photo.
Sweater pullover for a Barbie doll, how to knit.

A step-by-step process with photos and a detailed description and video fragments.

Knit in back-and-forth rows (circular knitting needles or DPNs).

This clothing is suitable for dolls with a height of 28-29 cm.

This Sweater is suitable for Barbie dolls from a curvy series of fashionistas, yoga and other dolls similar in shape.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner to Intermediate.

If you like to knit for Barbie dolls, then this lesson is for you.
If you want to make a Sweater for another doll, you can use a different yarn or knitting needles – thicker or thinner.


• Yarn Yarn Art Cotton Soft (55%cotton, 45%acrylic, 100g/600m) 

• Yarn PNC named after Kirov, Iris (100% cotton, 25g/150m)

• Knitting needles 1,2 mm (circular or DPN)

• Crocheting hook 1mm, 1,25mm, 1,50mm

• Sewing threads

• Sewing needle

• Scissors

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