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所售: Wonderland24


Size: 5,9 inches (15cm).


You can order a kitten based on a photo of your pet.To do this, you need to contact me and send a photo to my email.

The baby has a plastic skeleton that allows him to move easily.the nose and paw pads are made of delicate American silicone.the eyelids move and allow him to make a different mood

This that makes a great gift for anyone that loves unique fantasy toys or for anyone who is a fan of mythical beasts and creatures.

It is completely handmade creation.


Size: 3,94 inches (10cm).


This is a unique handmade artist doll. Also as a handmade work it may have some imperfections.


This doll is a fragile peace and is not meant for play. Contains small part.

Keep away from direct sunlight and moist conditions.

Decorative only.

Don’t wash.



Purchases are sent through the Russian Post.

After departure, I will give you a tracking number.


I am always ready to answer your questions.

Thanks for your visit our shop.

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