Kaye Wiggs mini bjd knitted sweater and tutu skirt outfit

30.00 ~ 32.02 $


Newly made set to fit bjd mini dolls by Kaye Wiggs.

This soft alpaca patterned sweater and tutu skirt is made to fit 33 cm mini bjd dolls by Kaye Wiggs. Striped leg warmers complete the look.



Happy to offer newly made set for Kaye Wiggs mini bjd dolls (30-33 cm).

Knitted of soft Italian alpaca this set is shown on mini Miki bjd doll by Kaye Wiggs.

Coral pink patterned sweater closes with buttons on the back and is easy to put on. Pink tutu skirt and striped leg warmers complete the look.

Please, contact me if you have any questions! I’m happy to help.

Shipping is free.

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