Interior doll “Moulin Rouge”



Author’s doll, Boudoir doll, Art doll, Interior doll, Big doll, Collectible doll. height 98 cm.Dancer from Moulin Rouge



Moulin Rouge, ah, Moulin Rouge!
How many souls have you stolen!
The hall is huge, there are countless places,
Everyone will be honored to come …
Waiting for the magic
All hearts are pounding, horror,
And then – the volcano of passions:
The cancan begins!
The French still believe that to visit Paris and not visit the Moulin Rouge means not fully understanding what Paris is!
The legendary cabaret opened in 1889. Moulin Rouge is visited by aristocrats, people of art (Picasso, Oscar Wilde) and even members of royal families, for example, the Prince of Wales. The main attraction of the institution was the famous cancan. Among the stars of the first generation of dancers were Yvette Guilbert, La Gulyu and Jeanne Avril.
Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Elton John, Charles Aznavour performed under the roof with a red mill.
Several films have been shot about cabaret in different years, a large number of songs and musical works have been written.
Currently, the Moulin Rouge troupe has about 90 artists, and the performance is attended by more than 6 million spectators annually, the cost of tickets reaches 500 euros.
According to the selection criteria for the troupe, dancers must be tall – not less than 170 centimeters, slender, charming, well-groomed and flexible.
Her name is GABRIELLE.
The doll is created in a single copy and cannot be repeated. The height of the work is about 1 meter.
Material: LaDoll.
Painted with acrylics.
Her costume is a Skirt (frou-frou), a corset, fishnet stockings, genuine leather boots, a top hat and an umbrella. Detachable parts of the costume are made by the hands of a master.
The doll is static sculptural.
You can be sure that this is an absolutely unique piece of art, made by the master’s own hands.

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