Interior doll “Milena”



Author’s doll, Art doll, Interior doll, Big doll, Collectible doll, Doll in a corset.


Doll Author’s, art doll. Victorian doll stands on an oak stand.

Name: Milena

Height: 36.2 inches (92 см.).

The doll is made in a single copy.

Materials used: premix LA Doll, textiles. Genuine leather shoes.

Hair is a wig. The face, bust, arms, legs are painted with acrylics.

Her luxurious dress is sewn of finest silk, velvet, vintage lace, guipure.

Satin underwear.

The corset of her dress accentuates the graceful waist well.

On her slender fingers are two rings with stones. Butterfly earrings in the ears. She has gorgeous breasts and a very pretty face.

The doll is movable. Changes the position of the arms, legs, head.

The doll will be delivered in a wooden gift box.

For collectors, for interiors of houses, restaurants. A luxurious extraordinary gift for those who appreciate art and who cannot be surprised with factory products.

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Информация о продавце

  • Название магазина: 卡塔琳娜艺术娃娃
  • Продавец 卡塔琳娜艺术娃娃
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