Hat doll Crocheted pattern

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Tutorial for crocheted hats for Tilda doll


Tutorial for crocheted hats for Tilda doll.  In the format of a crocheted tutorial with a step-by-step description of each stage of creating a hat. Pattern for crocheted with a HOOK. The instruction has text in English. This listing is for digital crocheted pattern. NOT A REAL HAT.

 The hat is suitable for a doll of 20-23 cm. The girth of the doll’s head is 20-21 cm (7,87 inches – 8,26 inches.)

Sewing tutorial contains:

1. 40 photos

2. 10 pages

 Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced


1.         Yarn;

2.         Hook size 2 mm;

3.         Needle for sewing pieces;

4.         Polyester toys filling for horns (I use syntepuh);

5.         Crochet marker (optional!), but you can use a contrast thread;

6.         Scissors;

7.         Inspiration and a couple of cups of hot coffee or cocoa of your choice =)

Feel free to ask me any questions in the message.

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