Handmade crochet doll for sale. Gift for a girl. Waldorf doll.


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Crochet doll inspired by classic Waldorf dolls. She is a very sweet little girl and she can’t wait to get back to your house. This doll is so wonderful that it will not leave anyone indifferent.


The doll and clothes are crocheted of cotton and acrylic yarn. Clothes and shoes can be removed. Hair is sewn on. The doll is filled with hypoallergenic fiber. Plastic eyes on a secure mount. The pupa is about 26 cm (about 10 inches) tall. The doll stands by itself.

free shipping, no shipping to Poland, Denmark, Sweden.

The toy is processed by a steam generator before shipping, so there is no need to wash it before use.

Important information:

– Care Instructions: Hand wash and dry only.

– The toy is intended for children over three years of age, under adult supervision or as home decor.

– The color of the toy may vary slightly from the color in the photo. This is due to the peculiarities of your monitor settings.

– I will ship the item to the address provided when placing the order. Make sure it’s correct. Also check if you can get your order upon arrival.

VAT is not included in the price of the toy!


重量0.215 kg
尺寸26 × 13 × 26 cm
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