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  I present to your attention 1 of my latest works – this is a collectible doll – a boy Flutist. Looking for a Christmas gift for kids, a gift for friends or a gift for a collector? Handmade doll is the best gift for the New Year! Exclusive handmade in a single copy! Benevolence, confidence and calmness in the image of this doll boy. The presented handmade doll is 1 of 3 dolls that were made specifically for the VII International exhibition of author’s dolls MunecArt in October 2021 in Alicante, Spain. The idea of creating a collectible doll of a boy Flutist was the fashion — style of dressing up boys “Little Lord Fauntleroy”. England 17th century. The fashion to dress boys as Little Lord Fauntleroy has captured America and Europe. Every mother dreamed of dressing her child in velvet, silk shirts, lace! I dream of a happy, prosperous and prosperous childhood! A doll made of baked clay. The body is on a reinforced wire frame, the head is pivoting. Hand-painted with baked Genesis paints. The hair is the natural fluff of the Angora goat. Clothing – Velvet, silk, lace, buttons – handmade. Only in the RozaGriArt store you can buy an exclusive collectible Flutist Boy doll from the author of the puppeteer, which will please you and become a worthy decoration of your home. Clothing – velvet, silk, lace, buttons – handmade. Free shipping

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