Handmade Artist Collectible Teddy Bear OOAK Vintage present gift toy


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This original Teddy bear in a dress is a handmade designer art toy. Made of high-quality textile materials. All the toys in my store are made from high-quality professional materials specially designed for making Teddy-style toys.
Elizabeth is made of mohair and plush
Glass eye, suede eyelids filled with sawdust and small pebbles.
The clothes are made of cotton and lace, decorated with silk and cotton ribbons, decorative elements, painted with oil paints.
Clothes, namely bonet, dress and panalons, are removed. Clothes painted with oil paints, height 27 cm (10.6 inches), Bear in vintage style
The bear has all legs and head movable, he stands with support, sits alone. The bear has a little doll, a little boy in a 15 cm hare costume. Vintage (artificially aged with oil paint).
The face, arms and part of the legs are cast from self-hardening clay.
The body, legs and arms are filled with cotton.
The clothes are made of cotton, faux fur. The clothes are not removed. The hood is not removable, the ears on the cap are bent.
The arms, legs and head are on the wire, bent. In the hands of imitation sweets
Careful attitude!

  • Milana is made of mohair and plush
    Filled with sawdust and small pebbles
  • Glass eye. The eyelids are made of suede. Dressed in a dress, a hat, knickers.
    The clothes are made of cotton, lace, satin ribbons, silk ribbons, beads, mesh. Clothes are removed. Clothes and a bear are painted with oil paints
    Clothes are removed.
    The height of the bear is 11.4 inches (29 cm).
    The bear has all legs and head movable, he stands with support, sits alone.
    Milana has her favorite doll Alice, whose head, arms and legs are made of a self-hardening mass covered with acrylic varnish. Theo has a wire frame and cotton wool, the doll’s arms and legs bend. Alice’s clothes are not removed. I will ship the doll within 1-3 days after receiving the full payment

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The refund for the downloaded pdf file is not refundable.
All bears and dolls are sewn with high quality, there is no return


重量0.600 kg
尺寸29 × 8 × 29 cm

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