Genuine leather sneakers made of bright pink suede with glitter

25.00 ~ 27.15 $

所售: Doll's Dream Shoes


These sneakers are designed specifically for Paola Reina dolls! Crafted from genuine leather in a pink suede.

The vibrant pink hue is elevated with a touch of glitter, adding sparkle and glamour to your doll’s outfit. The flag trim along the edges gives these sneakers a cool, sporty vibe perfect for casual looks 🙂


Key Features:

Genuine leather construction for durability and style

Bright pink suede with glitter for a pop of color and shine

Flag-themed trim adds a trendy, athletic flair

Designed to fit Paola Reina dolls perfectly

航运大陆: 南极洲, 欧洲, 南美洲, 大洋洲, 非洲, 亚洲, 北美洲

航运国家: 德国, 澳大利亚

航运国家: 塔斯马尼亚 (澳大利亚), 南澳大利亚 (澳大利亚), 昆士兰 (澳大利亚), 北领地 (澳大利亚), 新南威尔士州 (澳大利亚), 西澳大利亚州 (澳大利亚), 澳大利亚首都直辖区 (澳大利亚), 维多利亚 (澳大利亚)

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25.00 ~ 27.15 $