Elephant crochet pattern, English PDF, amigurumi tutorial

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Using this pattern you can create such a cute Elephant in pants with your own hands!
Finished size of the toy is about 16-17cm.



Using this pattern you can create cute Elephant in pants with your own hands!



★ 用英语书写,使用美国术语


★ FINISHED SIZE of the toy is about 16-17cm (if using the pointed materials)

★ SKILLS REQUIRED: You must have basic crochet skills. Also I added useful video lessons.

★材料和工具 :

– Yarn:

You can use any yarn that is comfortable and/or suitable for you.

I used «Pehorka New Kid’s» yarn (acrylic, 50g ~ 200m, 30sс in 4 inches), colors – grey, sand. To embroider the eyebrows you will need a black floss thread.

– Hook №2 (2mm, for Pehorka), hook №1 (1mm, for Adelia)

– The plastic safety joints or cotter pins and joint disks: I used the disks 12mm in diameter for the arms (4pcs), 20mm in diameter for the legs (4pcs), 15mm in diameter for the head (2pcs), cotter pins 2х20mm (5pcs), washers – 10pcs

– Fiberfill (to stuff)

– Glue eyes 7mm

– For trunk: 1mm thick wire, 1pc ~28cm long

– Pink felting wool and 1 star felting needle №38 (felt cheeks)

– A piece of plastic or cardboard for the sole, as well as a few beads or stones to weight the legs. Take, if possible, light-colored plastic and light-colored beads

– For pants, you need fabric, a rectangle 23cm wide, 14cm high. 2 miniature 8mm buckles (you can take the usual so-called “regulators”, they are used on straps to adjust the length, a rectangle with a crossbar). And glue tape (bonding web).

– Adhesive tape, needle, safety pins, scissors, glue (Moment Crystal), hot glue, thin stick (for the convenience of stuffing small parts).


This pattern is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions (16 pages with detailed instructions and photos illustrating the process)


记住,如果你在钩织玩具时有任何困难--你可以问我,我可以帮助你。 🙂

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