DIY sewing kit Red Beard Sailor textile doll


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Sewing kit for independent creativity “Red Beard Sailor” (all materials, video and photo instructions in English).


If you really want to sew a cool rag doll yourself, but don’t know how to approach the process.  Where to start, what materials to choose and where to find them – don’t worry, we’ve already done it for you 🙂

We’ve collected everything you need with lots of love in our new Redbeard Sailor kit.


What is in the box:

– cloth with body and clothes

– patterns

– felt for shoes and coats

– synthetic winterizer

– stick

– knitted hat

– button, heart, cardboard sole, felt straps

– a card with a Qr code for a video master class and a photo instruction in PDF format

– postcard with hand print.


What is not in the kit, but you will need: sewing thread and needle, tweezers, pins, scissors, any glue.

To work on the doll, you do not need to have a sewing machine, everything can be sewn by hand.  Basic stitches you will need: straight stitch, back stitch, blind stitch.


Difficulty level: medium, but we tried to explain and show the process in as much detail as possible, so the set is also suitable for beginners in puppetry.  You can get acquainted with one of the most interesting trends in handmade.  You can keep the finished doll for yourself or give it as a gift, and use the experience gained (and patterns) in the following works.
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