DIY kit textile doll Santa Claus with tattoo Bells


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Santa DIY kit 🤘 🎄


 The set is super cool. Inside the box: a torso with a tattoo and a hand-painted head, legs and arms separately, a padding polyester for stuffing, fabrics and felt for clothes and shoes (a printed T-shirt, pants, a coat, ugg boots), patterns for clothes, a button, cardboard  for shoes, yarn for beard embroidery, knitted hats and a scarf.  As well as a link to a PDF manual.

What is not in the kit, but you will need for work: threads, needles, pins (you can sew all by hand), scissors, a large needle for yarn, glue (any), a sushi stick (for stuffing arms and legs).

The number of sets is limited.

航运大陆: 亚洲, 欧洲, 北美洲

航运国家: 奥地利, 比利时, 英国, 德国, 希腊, 丹麦, 西班牙, 意大利, 荷兰, 挪威, 葡萄牙, 土耳其, 芬兰, 法国, 捷克共和国, 瑞士, 瑞典, 爱沙尼亚, 加拿大, 波多黎各, 美国, 新西兰, 中国, 塞浦路斯, 香港特别行政区,中国, 以色列, 日本, 韩国, 中国台湾

随时可以发货 3-5工作日



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尺寸30 × 15 × 6 cm

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