Cute small Zombie doll crochet pattern


所售: 舒适玩具


Halloween crochet pattern Zombie toy


Halloween crochet pattern for crocheting Zombie toy.

Amigurumi pattern in English.

This amigurumi crochet pattern doesn`t contain crochet lessons.

Necessary skills-


ch – chain stitch;

MR- magic ring;

sc – single crochet;

sl st  – slip stitch;

inc – increase 2sc in 1sc;

invdec – invisible decrease. 

Hdc –  half double crochet

Crocheting in a spiral way, without sl st thought both sides of the loop, if this not specified.  


-Alize Cotton Gold Tweed (№62)

-Yarn Art Jeans №11 (green), №03 (milky), №26 (red)

-black decorative button (d-9-10mm)

-black thread for decoration (Yarn Art Jeans №28)

-needle for sewing 



I crochet hook №3.25, you choose the crochet hook you are used to. The size of the finished toy depends on the selected hook and crocheting density. 

If you use the specified materials, then the  cute small zombie doll toy will be 20-21 cm. 

The zombie toy is crocheted in one piece, only hands and eyes are sewn on.

The toy has a cool dropping eye.

This doll can be crocheted as a gift or used as a Halloween decor.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer and help you.

Happy crochet!




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