Custom Blythe doll OOAK in a hat with bunny ears

320.00 ~ 346.02 $

所售: Blythe in Roses


Cute blythe doll with clothes and shoes is ready to fly home! Everything is done by me by hand(not a doll-she’s a TBL base with full custom) Little bear toy and a gift package is included.


   This custom girl in a cute handmade costume had the following work done:
-matted skin
-changed nose, lips, cheeks and chin
-colored with watercolor pencils and high quality pastels
-covered with several layers MSC UV matt
-changed eyelashes
-4 pairs of new eyes made specifically for her
-sleepy eyes gaze correction (eyes fully open and close)
-handmade pullrings with beautiful beads
-factory hair is thourogly washed and cut
-fully mobile body
-signature and picture on her back panel
-neck joint

This parcel includes:
-set of clothes from photos
-set of additional hands
-gift package
-a doll toy-bear
-handmade leather shoes
-blythe carrier

Please, bear in mind that the doll is an art and not a factory perfect! She’s a custom made TBL (not original Takara!) doll created with love and care.
Please contact me with questions.

Delivery time:
12-30 working days- standard shipping (FREE shipping)
DHL 5-10 days costs+ 50
(write me a message if you want it)

Please note that colors may vary depending on the features and settings of your screen!

Our store does not accept returns! This is a sophisticated, handcrafted, exclusive item and cannot be returned! Choose your doll carefully, ask for additional photos and buy.

Your little cute Bunny girl is waiting for you!

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  • Название магазина: Blythe in Roses
  • Продавец Blythe in Roses
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