Crochet Teddy bear, PDF ENG pattern. Amigurumi Teddy bear Tutorial.



PATTERN Crochet Teddy bear. PATTERN Amigurumi Teddy bear. Tutorial crochet toy animal pdf.


This is a DIGITAL PATTERN in English on crochet a bear toy in pdf format, this is not a finished toy.


When loading PDP, returns are not possible!



Size of the finished toy about 32 cm (12,59′)


Level: medium.


This pattern includes:

– pdf file with detailed instructions in English;

– 49 pages long and has a lot of pictures (about 70) to help you by working;

– job description for thread jointed paws;

– job description for cotter pins jointed paws.


You can use any yarn to make this bear, just make sure to use correct hook size with your yarn.

You will need following or similar materials to crochet bear as on the picture:

– Yarn: YarnArt Jeans color № 48 (light beige) – 110 g;


Possible substitutes:

YarnArt Jeans color № 5 (cold beige) – 110 g;

Alize Cotton Gold Tweed color № 62 (cream) – 110 g;

eyelash yarn Kamteks Cotton Travka color № 05 (beige) – 200 g;

Nako Paris color № 6383 (ivory) – 200 g;


– crochet hooks of appropriate size, I used 2,5 mm hook;

– long needle (10-15 cm);

– stuffing material;

– black beads for eyes 6 mm 2 pcs;

– strong thread for sculpting and sewing legs and arms, I used cotton yarn YarnArt Begonia.

If you plan to make button jointed paws for your teddy bear:

– 4 buttons 25 mm;

If you plan to make cotter pin jointed paws for your teddy bear:

– cotter pins for head: 2 O-shaped 3,2х32 mm cotter pins or 1 T-shaped 3.2х32 mm cotter pin, cotter pins for paws: T-shaped cotter pins 2,0*25 mm 4 pcs;

-disks for head 45 mm 1 pc, for neck 40 mm 1 pc, for legs 30 mm 4 pcs, for arms 25 mm 4 pcs;

-metal washers 18 mm – 2 pcs, 12 mm – 4 pcs, 9 mm – 4 pcs.


The following stitches are used:

Single crochet, double crochet,increase/decrease stitches, slip stitch; stockinette stitch


The following methods are used:

Crocheting in rounds and turns, starting with a magic ring, making a chain.


This Large Teddy Bear pattern is my copyright that is for personal use only.

Sending, publication, distribution, commercial use of the whole pattern or its parts are prohibited!


You may sell toys made with my patterns provided that you credit me as the designer!

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