Crochet Pattern Basset Hound


所售: Crochet Art


This is a crochet pattern, NOT a finished toy. Skill level : Experienced . Wire frame inside. Dog size 18 cm x 12 cm


My patterns are available in English.

This crochet pattern does not include crocheting lessons.

To crochet with the help of this pattern it is necessary to have main crochet skills.

I will not refund the payment for pdf file if you change your mind.

The pattern is detailed. Contains 23 pages of descriptions with photos of the steps.


This pattern is for personal use only.

You do NOT have permission to recopy, rewrite, or redistribute this pattern in any form as your own or otherwise. You may NOT resell my patterns, but you are welcome to sell any of the items made from my patterns!

Thanks for shopping and happy crocheting!!

Thanks for visiting my shop!

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