crochet pattern amigurumi hedgehogs in love and cactus PDF

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crochet pattern amigurumi hedgehogs in love and cactus PDF

PDF crochet pattern “amigurumi hedgehogs in love and cactus”
The pattern contains clearly explained instructions and photo’s to help you crochet this toy.
– Level: Medium. Detailed pattern that is easy to follow.
– In English using American crochet terminology
– PDF document of 36 pages with detailed instructions and images
– Knowledge of stitches required: single crochet, increase, decrease, chain
– 4 video
– pattern cactus
1. YarnArt jeans – 01 white (< 1 pcs)
2. YarnArt jeans – 19 purple colour (< 1 pcs)
3. YarnArt jeans – 81 heavenly (< 1 pcs)
4. Alize cotton gold – 262 beige (0,5 pcs for 1 hedgehog)
5. Alize cotton gold – 493 brown (0,5 pcs for 1 hedgehog)
6. Alize cotton gold – 182 graphite (0,5 pcs for 1 hedgehog)
7. Alize cotton gold – 518 pink (< 1 pcs)
8. Alize cotton gold – 216 т. yellow (< 1 pcs)
Yarnart jeans, alize cotton gold, gazal jeans, alize cotton gold hobby yarns have almost the same footage and weight, so these models can be replaced with each other.
Additional materials:
1. Hook № 2
2. fibrefill
3. Scissors
4. Long tapestry needle for a thread mount
5. Needle for sewing pieces
6. Strong thread
7. Safety eyes size 8 mm
8. Thin plastic for insoles
The growth of my hedgehogs – 20 cm, cactus – 10 cm.
Your toy size may differ from mine. It depends on the materials, the hook, and the density of your crocheting.
I also recommend taking exactly the hook that is convenient for you, for this or that yarn. All materials presented in this master class were used to create these particular toys and are of a recommendatory nature.
This pattern doesn’t contain crochet lessons. You must have basic crochet skills to make the toy.

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7.75 ~ 8.33 $