Crochet amigurumi toy Santa Claus, English pattern in PDF


所售: NikaDolltoy


Сrochet pattern for Santa Claus in PDF format by NikaDolltoy.

With this pattern, you will create the best handmade toy yourself.


This listing contains the СROCHET PATTERN for Santa’s and not the finished product 

With the help of this pattern you are able to create a wonderful and unique handmade toy 

This pattern is availabe in ENGLISH only 


The pattern contains 17 pages and 50 photos with a description of crocheting Santa and  his clothes 

This description does not include any crocheting lessons and is designed for those who have crochet 

水平。 medium, but you must know main stitches: single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, increase, decrease


I would be happy if you link back to my shop and give credit to me as the designer 

 Thank you and have a nice day!



Christmas and New Year

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