Contemporary art. Forest cat figure. Dollhouse pet


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Forest cat miniature about 7.5 cm tall


Hello! I’m sculptor Marina. You can see this item from my shop FelisFantasy! This contemporary art with forest cat is made from lightweight materials – velvet clay and polymer resin.  This animal was made in a single copy. The exact repeat is not possible.

This handmade cat is about 7.5 cm tall.

Width – 3.8 cm

Length – 4.5 cm

Such an interior cat figurine requires gently treatment:

Such miniatures are not intended for children! I usually use acute wire when making a frame for these animals. It could be dangerous if this figurine broke.

I strongly don’t recommend washing such figures. You can do dry cleaning with a soft brush only!

You’ll get free shipping when you buy this cat.

Thanks for your attention to my shop!

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Standard delivery was carried out from 2 weeks to 3 months! Please! Let me know before buying if you need fast shipping by DHL. I will add the cost of fast shipping to the price of the item.
I am in a difficult geo-economic situation, so delivery times may be increased.
Thanks for understanding!



I only accept returns for items damaged in transit. In this case, I will ask you to provide a photo or video of the unpacking of the item.

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  • Название магазина: FelisFantasy
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I  accept returns if the item damaged in transit only. Please provide evidence in the form of a photo or video of the unpacking of the item.


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