Create your own Christmas Decoration with this crochet pattern! This easy-to-follow pattern includes 1 PDF file with detailed instructions. It will be wonderful Christmas decor for your home or as a gift.
Only basic crocheting skills will be needed: chain, single crochet, slip stitch, double crochet, increasing, decreasing.

I’m sure that you love this sweet Christmas Tree Ornaments! You can always ask me if you have any questions.

This pattern is in English language.

Please note that this is a crochet pattern (PDF file), not the toy. The file will be available for download immediately after purchase.

Yarn Art Jeans – 03 (white)
Yarn Art Jeans – 85 (orange)
Yarn Art Jeans – 52 (green)
Yarn Art Jeans – 90 (red)
Yarn Art Jeans – 05 (light beige)
Yarn Art Jeans – 40 (brown)
Yarn Art Jeans – 07 (beige)
Yarn Art Jeans – 36 (pink)
Alize Baby Softy – 55 (white fluffy)
Sewing thread – black, red
Hook – 1.7mm
Cotton lace – approx. 90cm (for the hangings)
Pompons diameter 1.8mm – white – 3 items (for hats),
red – 1 item (for berry)
Colored beads – (for the cupcake’s hat)
Black beads – 10 items (for eyes)

We also need: scissors, needle with a wide eye, filler.

Approx. 18cm (with hanging), 9 – 11cm (without hanging)


Please do not copy or redistribute this pattern or claim it as your own. You may sell your finished items if you like.

Thank you for visting my shop!

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