Bunnies pattern and detailed PDF master-class


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The pattern and detailed step-by-step PDF instructions (38 pages) on making a bunny using the author’s techniques. Special attention is paid to making the face. The finished toy is 35 cm high.


The listing is for the bunny sewing pattern. It contains 2 patterns (for both the smaller and bigger bunnies) as well as step-by-step instructions with plenty of pictures so you won’t be lost. It is easy for beginners to follow. The workshop will take you through all the stages of making your own bunny. You will also get links to watch video episode showing how I trim the face, ears and paws and tone the finished bear.


The workshop is available as an instant download of a PDF file. 

Please note, this kind of teddy bears is not suitable for kids.


I hope you will enjoy the happiness of making something wonderful with your hands. And you will create all the sweet memories for anyone you love and care!


My patterns are all my own original designs. Please, note that the patterns themselves are copyrighted but you are free to sell any items you make from them, please identify me (Katya Bespalova) as the original designer.


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