Blythe vintage shoes – Blythe Boots “Indigo”


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Blythe vintage shoes for dolls. Blythe Boots “Indigo”  made in natural leather, only handmade. Suitable for skirt and trousers.



Blythe shoes.  Boots “Indigo”.  Made from genuine leather.  Beautiful line of thick threads.  Boots with laces.  Thick sole.  With a heel.  The sole is made of vegetable tanned leather.  Treated with liquid wax. Blythe boots.

Attention!  If you bought any 4 pairs of shoes, you can choose a bag (18€) as a gift.

No need to add the bag to the cart!!!  Send me a color.  I will make it for you.  I’ll put the bag in the package myself.

Dry cleaning required.

All models Blythe shoes are made according to my sketches.  I try to make shoes for Blythe realistic and trendy.

Versatile boots.  A doll can wear with trousers and skirts.

The boots also fit other 30 cm dolls. Please note: the width of the doll’s foot must be 1-1.5 cm.

You can order this model in other colors.  Write me your wishes.  I will do it for you.

I send parcels by Russian mail with tracked track/number.  Usually delivery takes 3-4 weeks.

Please note that the color of the image on your monitor may differ from the color of the product.

P.S.  I have been making shoes for dolls since 2010.

The very first pair of shoes was made for the Tilda doll.  These were boots, wellingtons, shoes, sandals, bags and backpacks.  I made shoes for a teddy bear.  In 2007 I saw a Blythe doll.  It was love at first sight!  And of course, I started making shoes for Blythe.  She has very small feet.  All details are very small.  You are immersed in a miniature world.  This is a very exciting process!  I like to do it.  I draw sketches by myself.  I order individual pads made of wood.  The master grinds them by hand according to my size.  Then he covers them with special wax for wood.  This is the most challenging shoe making process.  And it’s not easy.  On the contrary, making miniature shoes is much more difficult than making large ones.

I make shoes for MiniFee Chloe. If you need such shoes, please write to me.

There are over 170 colors of leather and suede in my workshop.  I can find the shoe color you need.  You can write to me.

Blythe boots.

I wish you a good day!


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随时可以发货 3-4周 从 俄罗斯



Order assembly time 1-3 day. I ship by Russian post.


重量0.015 kg
尺寸3.8 × 1.5 × 2.0 cm

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