Blythe hat pattern, Blythe tutorial hat, Blythe clothes

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Blythe hat pattern. Blythe tutorial knit hat, Blythe pattern PDF. Tutorial on knitting three hats for blythe dolls. Doll clothes. Doll clothes pattern

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A SET OF THREE TUTORIALS for knitting a very cute and funny fluffy hat for Blythe doll – frog hat, cat hat and bunny hat is a pdf instant download. Blythe hat pattern.

A self-made hat will be exclusive, and it is much more pleasant to use it.

To create this beautiful do-it-yourself furry hat, you need drive, desire, and a little patience.

The hat is knitted by knitting needles with a single cloth and has no seams at all. Such a model looks neat and beautiful from all sides.




LEVEL: Average level –  you need to know some of the nuances and variations of knitting loops. I have a video of tips for difficult moments and a photo guide on how to knit different loops. Not only basic knitting knowledge and skills are required, but also advanced knitting skills.


The listing INCLUDES:

✔step-by-step instructions

✔photos of several details

✔ video of the selected moments shown in details on my YouTube channel


MATERIALS you will need for knitting this hat:

✔  mohair yarn (35%mohair, 15%wool, 50%acril; 273yds/100gm ). You may use another yarn, but with similar characteristics. The yarn should be chosen from a large mohair, then the hat will be fluffier

✔ needles: 4 mm

✔ Darning needle, stitch markers, crochet hook 3-4mm, SLICKER BRUSH for animals,  filler for toys, eyes for toys 10-15mm



✔ advanced skills

✔ basic crochet skills

✔ ability to knit loops together

✔ make increases and decreases stitches

✔ cast on stitches around the edge of the product


!!! Copyright !!!

All digital items are for personal use only, commercial or business use is prohibited. Sharing information from the pattern is prohibited. It is prohibited to distribute instructions on paper or electronically, you may not sell or share the patterns, do not post them on the Internet, or translate them into other languages. If you post photos of clothes related to this pattern, the credit of “DearSoulDolls” as its author is always welcome. You can sell any item that you personally made according to this pattern.


If you have any questions, please convo me.

♡ Be creative! You will succeed!

Best regards, Olga

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9.80 ~ 10.44 $