Blythe doll free shipping


Blythe doll


The tbl doll will come with the clothes she is wearing in the photos.

The work includes:

– her original makeup is polished.

– cutting out lips, filter, nose, nostrils

– makeup with pastels

– sealed with UV coat

– acrylic paint applied to the eyelids

– 4 new sets of points

– neck joint installed

– sleepy eyes and eye correction

– skinton tan

The toy does not go with the doll


Shipping is done by DHL, but please keep in mind the customs fees of your own countries, as I am not responsible for their service. Thanks.


 Please keep in mind that these dolls are handmade with love and care, but they are not factory goods, but for this reason they are all original and individual. A doll is not a toy, but a collectible.


 If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer any of them. Thank you for visiting my store.

航运大陆: 欧洲

航运国家: 英国, 德国, 波兰, 俄罗斯, 加拿大, 美国

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