Blythe custom doll Ooak blythe doll.

245.00 ~ 264.92 $

所售: MissBlytheDreams


Custom Blythe doll.
Blythe Doll are created on the basis of TBL.


Doll are created on the basis of TBL.
Completely re-sawed face
✅ A new make-up was applied using professional paints, pastels and fixed with a puppet varnish.
✅ New eyelashes are glued.
✅ Advanced eye switching mechanism. Eyelids raised, the effect of sleeping eyes.
✅ A neck joint has been installed that allows you to take meaningful postures.
✅ Strengthened knee joints for better standing.
✅ New clothes and shoes
✅ Optional 5 pairs of hands
✅ Doll stand.
✅ Skinton natural

All clothes and accessories, which are in the photo, are sent along with the doll and are included in its price.

随时可以发货 1-3工作日



Wordwide shipping by Russian post with tracking number.
Please allow 15-45 days for items to arrive.



Blythe doll does not belong to return and exchange.


重量 0.75 公斤

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