Blythe定制娃娃与自然的粉红色头发Reroot Ooak



The based doll used is a Factory Blythe TBL. The body is full articulated.


Blythe定制娃娃与自然的粉红色头发Reroot Ooak

The based doll used is a Factory Blythe TBL.

The body is full articulated.

She had the following work done :

– Face plate sand-matted, carved and painted

– Lips, nose and philtrum carved

– Sleep eyes and painted eyelids

– Gaze correction

– 4 new pairs of eyes

– Fully face has been sealed with many protective MSC

INCLUDED : She Will travel with the clothes you can see on photos ( shoes included ) Please bear in mind that she is an art doll and not a factory perfect.She is unique to herself. So please be sure you love what you see as she is not returnable.

WE PROVIDE THE BIGGEST CARE OF THE PACKAGING OF OUR DOLLS AND DISCLAIM ALL RESPONSIBILITIES FOR DAMAGE CAUSED WHEN TRANSPORTING THE PACKAGE. All possible customs fees and taxes upon arrival in destination country are buyer’s responsibility.  Please allow 7-60 days for items to arrive. Dear customers, I am always open to any of your suonsand. No returns or exchanges. But please contact me if you have any problems.

航运大陆: 非洲, 南极洲, 亚洲, 欧洲, 北美洲, 大洋洲, 南美洲

随时可以发货 3-5工作日 从 俄罗斯



The price of delivery by standard methods is included in the price of the goods, if you want a faster or special delivery DHL Express, please write to me.



The shipment of the goods is carried out within 3 working days. You can refuse the product until it has been shipped. Just write me about it.


重量 0.950 公斤
尺寸 33 × 16 × 13 厘米

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  • Название магазина: 米莱娜-布莱斯定制娃娃
  • Продавец 米莱娜-布莱斯定制娃娃
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