Beret for doll pattern

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Tutorial on sewing the beret for doll.

Tutorial on sewing the Beret for doll.
The tutorial doll is presented in a VIDEO format.
These are short videos – 2 to 5 minutes long.
I show in detail all the stages of creating a Beret. The video has text in English. You can play your favorite music or movie and enjoy the creative process =)
Pattern (drawing) of Beret in the format PDF.
The girth of the doll’s head is 20-23 cm.
You will receive patterns Beret of the doll in PDF format. You will also receive links to video tutorials that you can watch online or download.
My video tutorials are very, very detailed and understandable. You don’t need to know English. In the video, I show each stage of creating a doll or clothing. You can watch examples of my video lessons on my YouTube Channel.
Feel free to ask me any questions in the message.
By supporting me and my creativity, you are supporting a small business that is aims to create cute dolls and toys. I want to be a positive force for our peace so thank you for supporting and encouraging that!

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