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Easy Crochet Pattern Bat Keychain


This pattern is easy to follow but requires basic crochet knowledge.

From yarn 240m/50g, a brooch is obtained in size 9cm x 9cm

Skills required:

– MR — magic ring

– sc — single crochet

– ch — chain

– Number – Number of Single Crochet (SC)

– (=Number) — total number of stitches in a round/row

– * N — repeat instructions before * N times

– sl st — slip stitch

– hdc – half double crochet

– inc — increase (2 sc in one stitch of the previous round)

– dec — decrease (crochet 2 sc together)


1. Cotton yarn of purple and lilac colors, 240 m/50 g (I have yarn Coco Vita cotton)

2. Polyester toy filling (holofiber)

3. Hook suitable size for your yarn (I use size 1.0 mm by Clover)

4. Scissors

5. Thin needle with a wide eye

6. Two beads for pupils size 3 mm

7. Black thread (thread floss or thin cotton yarn) for sewing eyes.

8. Piece of yellow yarn (for example, Iris) about 1 m long for eyes

9. 20cm beaded wire (or internet cable wire)

10. Super glue

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