2 patterns in 1. Rag doll pattern + Doll hair for styling pattern


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2 patterns in 1: 7 inches (18 sm) doll with clothes (includes simple hair tutorial) + comb able doll hair for styling pattern (advanced hair tutorial).
The hair for styling pattern suits any soft doll (rag, crochet, waldorf, etc.)


2 patterns in 1 unites 2 listings for your comfort and good price.

“Doll with clothes pattern with simple hair”


“Beautiful comb able yarn hair for styling pattern”

The hair pattern suits any soft doll of any size!


This is an instant download PDF pattern file that you’ll be able to download and print immediately after purchase for making the 7 inches play doll with removable clothes (top and skirt).



MEASURES: inches

PHOTOS: very detailed, step by step.



~ Suitable for sewists with a basic knowledge of machine sewing, hand sewing and embroidery.


~  *TINY DOLLY* doll PDF pattern contains a big amount of detailed photos and instructions.

~ While studying this tutorial you will understand how you can custom your future doll, using lots of ideas I’ve presented in it or make the same doll as in the picture if you like.




• step-by-step, easy to follow instructions and pattern pieces to make the doll body, the doll face, the doll hair (simple variant) and the doll clothes (a top and a skirt)

• list of supplies you’ll need to make her

• tons of photos to help guide you along the way

• full scale pattern pieces – no need for re sizing, just print it on A4 format paper and you’re ready to start making your very own TINY DOLLY doll

• ideas of doll clothes decorations and customizing

• the ♥gift♥ from me that will help you to sew more clothes for your doll and to make a nice doll clothing set


• step-by-step instructions of durable hair for doing hairstyles that suits any soft doll of any size

• lots of doll hair and hairstyles ideas.


✔️ Listing is for the instant download pattern only and does not include dolls, supplies or fabric.


❗️Mass production, re-sale or distribution of pattern pieces and instructions is expressly prohibited. Thank you.


❕PLEASE NOTE: to download digital purchases, please login to DAILYDOLL.SHOP via your mobile browser, PC or Mac.





If you have any questions, please convo me.

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