Сacodemon plush

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Demon slay. Сacodemon plush.Cacodemon handmade | Doom demon | Doom toy monster.Realistic cacodemon


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Cacodemon for Doom games


Made of wool by wet felting.The teeth of the upper and lower jaws are made of plastic, the side jaws are also made of plastic.The cacodemon flies all the time, you can hang it from the ceiling or put it on a stand, I made a special hole so that it stood stable.


Dimensions of the Cacodemon

length 9.84 inches, length with legs 14.29 inches, width 9.45 inches



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Условия возврата
This is the object of art (no exchange! and no returning!)



This is the object of art (no exchange! and no returning!)


重量 0.25 公斤
尺寸 25 × 36 × 24 厘米

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