The Miracle Worker


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A collectible doll for a teacher’s Day gift. The OOAK doll 49 cm/19.29 inch (with stand). Victorian design. The one who worked the miracle for Helen Keller is the governess Ann Sullivan. The story of the girl with the pump
the author’s doll is the winner of the oldest European international competition Hannie Sarris Award (Dabida 2020).

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After a serious illness, Helen became blind and deaf. The girl gradually became a wild, capricious creature, locked in her desperation to express something to others. She got sick so early that she couldn’t speak properly.

Her parents did not know how to raise such a child and wrote to the Perkins School for the Blind. Anna Sullivan was sent from there. This girl from a poor family lost all her loved ones by the age of 21, had several eye surgeries, and was also half-blind.
The governess was teaching Helen the hand alphabet – writing with her fingers in the palm of her hand. The girl quickly learned the signs, but did not understand their meaning.
But Anna persisted. An epiphany came to Helen suddenly, at the pump. The girl realized that the word “water” is a cool substance flowing down her hand, understood the connection between the tangible world and the symbols on the palm.

Thanks to Anna, Helen learned to communicate, read, write, and even speak. She became the first deafblind person in history to graduate from graduate school, and later became a writer, public figure, and teacher.
In the US Capitol there is a monument to Keller – “the girl with the pump”. But I believe that both women deserve attention and that they are almost one.

Anna accompanied her pupil all her life. And Helen, by her example, gave hope for an accessible environment for all people with disabilities.
She dedicated the book to her teacher. The play “Who created the Miracle” was written based on it and films were made.

I didn’t aim for a portrait likeness, I wanted to convey their spiritual closeness


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Габариты 49 cm
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