Stuffed bunny toy for gift. Plush toys for baby

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Stuffed bunny toy for gift – cute gift for baby girl. ABOUT THE TOY Height 7 inch Hypoallergenic yarn Hypoallergenic filling: hollowfiber Eyes are sew-on beads. Toy’s life cycle depends on its using and proper care BUY THIS ITEM AND GET FREE GIFT!!! Thank you for coming to my shop

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Knitted toys are a wonderful gift for a birthday or other pleasant holiday.

This is a gift for children or a loved one.
Toys are created with love and give only positive emotions.

Knitted hare 22 cm tall, knitted from semi-cotton yarn.

Hypoallergenic filler.

Eyes on a secure mount.

Can be hand washed with baby shampoo.

Dry only on a horizontal surface.

I will make this product to order, especially for you!
Order production time 1 – 3 business days.
If you have any other questions, please fill free to contact us.

-VAT is not include
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