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shoes made of genuine leather. The shoe has an inner insole size of 12×28 mm

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shoes for blythe. genuine leather.


the fixed shipping cost for all available countries is 8 euros


If you have any questions, please contact me by WhatsApp +79229338181


buyers from Europe! I ask you to pay attention to the fact that you will have to pay the tax on this purchase yourself in your country.

Shipping Continents: Europe

Shipping Countries: Iceland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom (UK), Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, France, Canada, Mexico, United States (US), Uruguay, China, Hong Kong, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand

Shipping States: Cáceres (Spain), Siracusa (Italy), Milano (Italy), Catanzaro (Italy), Soria (Spain), Frosinone (Italy), Arezzo (Italy), Huesca (Spain), Venezia (Italy), Lower Saxony (Germany), Pescara (Italy), Palencia (Spain), Thuringia (Germany), Roma (Italy), Lucca (Italy), Brindisi (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Padova (Italy), Enna (Italy), Zamora (Spain), Cuenca (Spain), Trapani (Italy), Benevento (Italy), Madrid (Spain), Asturias (Spain), Ragusa (Italy), L'Aquila (Italy), Cádiz (Spain), Sondrio (Italy), Modena (Italy), Chieti (Italy), Tarragona (Spain), Genova (Italy), Ascoli Piceno (Italy), Jaén (Spain), Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (Italy), North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), Piacenza (Italy), Pontevedra (Spain), Ávila (Spain), Rovigo (Italy), Macerata (Italy), Cagliari (Italy), Brandenburg (Germany), Palermo (Italy), Fermo (Italy), Zaragoza (Spain), Girona (Spain), Trento (Italy), Bergamo (Italy), Málaga (Spain), Almería (Spain), Ravenna (Italy), Latina (Italy), Cantabria (Spain), Sud Sardegna (Italy), Monza e della Brianza (Italy), Como (Italy), Teruel (Spain), Gorizia (Italy), Asti (Italy), La Rioja (Spain), Vercelli (Italy), Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany), Pisa (Italy), Salamanca (Spain), Badajoz (Spain), Salerno (Italy), Mantova (Italy), Caltanissetta (Italy), Bremen (Germany), Parma (Italy), Ferrara (Italy), Agrigento (Italy), Granada (Spain), Treviso (Italy), Biella (Italy), Melilla (Spain), Alicante (Spain), Reggio Calabria (Italy), Lecce (Italy), Córdoba (Spain), Taranto (Italy), Napoli (Italy), Cosenza (Italy), Toledo (Spain), Grosseto (Italy), Avellino (Italy), Las Palmas (Spain), Verona (Italy), Saarland (Germany), Pistoia (Italy), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), Baleares (Spain), Sassari (Italy), Massa-Carrara (Italy), Campobasso (Italy), Hamburg (Germany), Pavia (Italy), Firenze (Italy), Alessandria (Italy), Guadalajara (Spain), Trieste (Italy), Bologna (Italy), Murcia (Spain), Albacete (Spain), Reggio Emilia (Italy), Lecco (Italy), Ciudad Real (Spain), 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(United States (US)), Alabama (United States (US)), New York (United States (US)), Massachusetts (United States (US)), District Of Columbia (United States (US)), Pennsylvania (United States (US)), Nebraska (United States (US)), Utah (United States (US)), Illinois (United States (US)), New Mexico (United States (US)), Maryland (United States (US)), Wyoming (United States (US)), Delaware (United States (US)), Oregon (United States (US)), Montana (United States (US)), Texas (United States (US)), Indiana (United States (US)), New Jersey (United States (US)), Maine (United States (US)), Wisconsin (United States (US)), Connecticut (United States (US)), Oklahoma (United States (US)), Missouri (United States (US)), Tennessee (United States (US)), Idaho (United States (US)), Rivera (Uruguay), Treinta y Tres (Uruguay), Flores (Uruguay), Río Negro (Uruguay), Tacuarembó (Uruguay), Durazno (Uruguay), Paysandú (Uruguay), Soriano (Uruguay), Colonia (Uruguay), Montevideo (Uruguay), San José (Uruguay), Cerro Largo (Uruguay), Maldonado (Uruguay), Salto (Uruguay), Canelones (Uruguay), Lavalleja (Uruguay), Rocha (Uruguay), Artigas (Uruguay)

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delivery is made by Russian post

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