Interior doll “Marie Antoinette”


Продавец: Katarina ArtDolls

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Author’s doll, Art doll, Interior doll, Big doll, Collectible doll. height of 84cm. Lady from the Silver Age.

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Art doll Marie Antoinette, Author’s doll. Handmade Victorian doll.

The doll is sitting in a chair. The doll is made in a single copy.
Height: 25 inches (63.5 cm) while sitting, 33 inches (84 cm) while standing. The weight of the doll with an armchair and ottoman is 2.7 kg. Gift box made of wood 9kg. The total weight of 11.7 kg.
Materials: premix LA Doll, textiles.
Hair is a wig. She’s blonde.
Painting – acrylic paints. The eyes are painted by hand.
The costume consists of underwear, a corset, five skirts, a scarf and gloves. Material – brocade, silk, satin, cambric, nylon lace.
Shoes made of brocade. Of the accessories there is an umbrella, a fan, a handbag. The hairstyle is decorated with a diadem, a veil, ostrich feathers and pearls. Suit, umbrella, handbag embroidered with artificial pearls, beads, ribbons. On the shoulders is a scarf made of satin ribbon and silk, embroidered with pearls. The doll can be undressed. Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets) – imitation pearls.
The doll is sitting in an armchair, her legs on a ottoman. The furniture is made by the author. Chair with molded elements made by the author. The chair has a height of 28.3 inches, a width of 14.5 inches and a depth of 9.4 inches.
The doll is movable. Changes the position of the arms, legs, head. “Her costume matches the fashion of the era. A lot of pearls in bulk make the costume very elegant. A string of shuttlecocks made of the finest silk intertwined with pearl threads stretch in a string. Bouquets of miniature roses embroidered with ribbons gently lie on the bottom of the skirts. The handbag is decorated with cameo and ribbon embroidery. An air fan and a lace umbrella create an atmosphere of summer relaxation. The richness of the costume, accessories, jewelry speaks of the status of young girls. “
The doll will be delivered in a wooden gift box.

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  • Название магазина: Katarina ArtDolls
  • Продавец Katarina ArtDolls
  • Адрес: Кропивницкий
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Madrid, Madrid, España

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