Doll clothes for Twinkles,IrrealDoll,Lati Yellow,Dress Pukifee


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Set “Panda bear” for Twinkles Meadow Doll / IrrealDoll, Lati Yellow, Dress Pukifee. (For Doll Size: 6  in, 6 1/2 in)

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Set “Panda bear” for Twinkles Meadow Doll / IrrealDoll, Lati Yellow, Dress Pukifee. (For Doll Size: 6  in, 6 1/2 in)

A set of clothes consists of:

1. Cotton sundress is decorated with small pockets, straps, fastens at the back with two small buttons;

2. Pink with small white polka dots T-shirt, made of knitwear, fastens with a button on the back;

3. The headpiece is a beret, lined with white satin.;

4. Socks  of knitwear.

Please, just ask any questions.

 I sew these dresses with love, they hope will bring you joy. Send around the world.All carefully Packed. You will receive a tracking number to track parcels.

Photos may not show accurate colors because of differences in settings on different monitors.

The doll and footwear are not included in sale.

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Weight80 kg
Dimensions353 × 25 × 6 cm

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Doll clothes for Twinkles,IrrealDoll,Lati Yellow,Dress Pukifee