Collectible Interior Art Doll FRANZISKA, Doll in Beige Floral Dress with the Fruit Basket


Продавец: ZiliraDolls

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Art Doll Franziska. This interior doll is a perfect solution for Provence (Country) style home decoration.

Franziska is a shiny lady came from Polish fairy tales. She holds a basket full of ripe fruit. Her hair like a fall foliage. So If you love summer and autumn warm colors or want bring some rays of light into your interior – my congratulations! You have found the ideal doll for you!

I use “Living doll” clay, eco-friendly materials.
21,7 inches of height.
The doll is static but her head and arms are movable, has its own stand and beautiful box.

Гарантия: 7 Дни

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