Painted tin soldier. 54 mm. Viking with a hammer.


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Hand-painted tin soldier. 54 mm. Viking with a hammer, 9th – 10th centuries. Early Middle Ages.

Materials: tin alloy, primer, acrylic paints.
Scale: 1/32 (54 mm).

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Hand-painted tin soldier. 54 mm. Viking with a hammer, 9th – 10th centuries. Early Middle Ages. Historical tin miniature.

Vikings are called the inhabitants of Northern Europe, who in the 9th-11th centuries made raids up to 8000 km long. These daring and fearless people reached the borders of Persia in the east, and the New World in the west.

This highly detailed miniature is painted with artist quality acrylic paints.

Choosing this miniature, you get a great opportunity to touch the history. Moreover, it can become a wonderful gift for a collector or connoisseur of history and decoration of any interior.

Start your fascinating journey through the world of tin soldiers and historical miniatures with me and only the best of them will be on your shelf!

Materiais: tin alloy, primer, acrylic paints.

Scale: 1/32 (54 mm).

Care instructions: do not drop, do not scratch, do not wash with water, clean from the dust with a dry soft brush.

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